Web Design and Development in Kenya

Web design and development in Kenya has progressed very much. Kenya boasts of being one of the leading countries in Africa when it comes to Information Technology. As the Internet is becoming more and more relevant, you want to put an excellent website that will capture your clients. Conquest Capital,  one of the best web design companies in Kenya, is here to give you a top-notch website.

We take web design very seriously. Conquest Capital has a robust and youthful team ready to deliver your website. As one of the most reliable web design companies in Nairobi, we are here to serve you earnestly and deliver a website that is in line with the latest trends in the market.

Latest trends in the market

As a top web design company in Kenya, we will design and develop your as per the recommended industry standards. These include:

  • Minimalism- Footers, sidebars and borders are all disappearing
  • App-like menus
  • The reign of the hero Image
  • Interesting typography
  • Stock photos that don’t look like stock photos
  • Single page design
  • Parallax scrolling – 3D illusion
  • Modular design – allows a page to show more content to users faster, more visually engaging layout at the same time.
  • Flat design to material design – adding of shadows
  • Line Icons
  • Google Maps integration
  • More Scalable vector graphics (SVG)
  • Vertical split layouts
  • Bold Typography
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Experimental Compositions
  • Bright Gradients
  • Vivid Layers of Color
  • Straightforward, Simple Text Illustration
  • Ultra-minimalism
  • Mixing Horizontal and Vertical Text
  • Geometric Shapes and Patterns
  • Overlapping Text and Images

Are you looking for professional web design and development in Kenya? Contact Conquest Capital for a professional website. Call +254 722 961707 for a significant online presence.