Graphic Design Companies in Kenya

Your logo speaks volumes about you

Would you like your brand to stand out? Would you like to send a powerful message to your clients and partners? Conquest Capital is one of the leading graphic design companies in Kenya. A logo speaks volumes. You either look professional or not serious. It need to be powerful and articulate. It needs to communicate your products and services.

First impressions last

You cannot afford to have a mediocre logo. First impressions last. Your logo determines your colours and whether you will get that business, and even more crucial, the look of your website. When you are not there to explain yourself online, your logo speaks for you. Your website even speaks more about you.

Stand out with your brand

To sell faster online, you need a “million-dollar look. Your company or brand needs to stand out from the rest. The Internet provides users with many options of service providers; to succeed in business, you need to stand out and be the first option. A powerful logo is your number one sales person, your advocate, your online defence.

Range of services

Our range of services include:

Creative graphic design, logo design, branding company profile design, brochure design, website design concepts, infographics design, general branding, business card design, creative CVs, redesign cv, logo redesign, creative posters, fliers and any other branding services.

Choose a reliable graphic design company in Kenya

With branding matters, you want someone honest, straightforward and reliable. You can call us any time and we will be there for you. Nobody wants to follow up clients; instead, we follow you up! Having a physical location is very important for clients. You can visit us at our offices in Kims Court, Theta Lane, off Lenana Road in Nairobi, Kenya. We are creative, reliable and honest. Don’t gamble with your future; choose Conquest Capital, the leading graphic design company in Kenya. For more information visit