Conquest Capital Ltd is a top information technology and web design company in Kenya that provides information communication technology (ICT) solutions, products and services using ultra-modern technologies.

We provide timely business information solutions. Our capacities involve web design & hosting, virtual tours development, software development, wireless technology, enterprise networking solutions, enterprise management, integration security technology, business intelligence, strategic delivery capabilities and a host of other ICT related services.

We also provide Strategic Business Trainings in Sales, Customer Care as well as Direct Sales Concept.

To us motivation is a key component in our sales trainings and we firmly ground our trainings on this principle.

Ernest Moturi


We not only specialize in web design and development, but we also place a lot of focus on marketing web sites and businesses. That’s because we know that having a great web site isn’t enough. You have to be able to market that web site so that Internet users can find you. That’s why we don’t just create a good-looking web site and then wash our hands of it. We work with you to ensure that the web sites gets outstanding results – your company deserves no less.

Our Mission

To be the ICT Company of choice in by providing quality service and timely solutions through professional delivery of services such as website development, creative graphic services, search engine optimisation, software development, ICT consultancy, among others.

Company Vision

To be the ICT Company of choice in by providing quality service and timely solutions.

Aims & Objectives

Our aims and objectives are to become an international power house in terms of converting ICT into an exciting business tool for SME’s to regional enterprises. Our objective is to transform our business into a profitable venture for our shareholders.

Service Goal

Whether you want to create a brand strategy, rebuild your image, take your company online (finally!) or market your company to a whole new world online, we can stand by your side and make it happen for you. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business to lead you on the path to success.

Why Choose Us

  1. We observe the latest market trends and give you the best up-to-date solution
  2. We help you stand-out from the rest using our professional services
  3. Conquest Capital picks-up your calls, unlike most web designers. We have offices in Nairobi, Kenya, and so you can find us any time
  4. We listen, we discuss, we advise. Sounds obvious but we listen to your ideas, plans and objectives for your business.
  5. We have over seven years experience in the information communications technology field
  6. We design a great site, using all the tools available
  7. You are guaranteed of creativity and technological-know
  8. We help you make money because of our professionally designed websites that are search-engine optimised
  9. We love nothing more that working on a great project with a fantastic client. We care about our clients and can often be found working out of hours to get everything ‘just right’!
  10. Our customer care is dedicated to ensure you are in the served the best way possible
Ernest Moturi

Ernest Moturi

Creative Director
Lambert Oigara

Lambert Oigara

Technical Director
Caleb Chieu

Caleb Chieu

Graphic Designer
Solomon Muraya

Solomon Muraya

SEO Expert
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